Blade and Soul has kicked off its Blade & Soulmate event today


It’s taken a little longer forĀ Blade and Soul to start off its Blade & Soulmate event this year. (Just to forewarn you, there’s no corresponding Blademate event just to ensure the event naming is parallel.) But it starts today, and that means players can start exploring the real reason for the season, which is apparently all about beating up Mister Clankyshanks and his army of training dummies.

What? That’s what you do. You go into Hongsil’s Secret Storehouse, beat the stuffing out of training dummies, and earn Chocolate Hearts. You canĀ also earn those hearts through logins and completing daily challenges, of course, but the unique method is from Hongsil and so your real soulmate appears to be malevolent training dummies. But hey, beating them up gets you currency to trade in for a new outfit, so why complain about it? Get your new outfit and enjoy the event while it runs until March 17th.

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