Blade & Soul kicks off new challenges and content with the Winds of Summer update

Summer crime.

It’s summer time in Blade & Soul (also in the real world), and that means it’s time for a challenge. Don’t ask how the two connect; you’re not going to get a satisfactory answer. The important point is that the latest update brings with it the challenge of Thornwind Cavern. Group up with others to take on the dungeon and win rewards! That’s sort of how dungeons work. We’re not revealing any heretofore unseen truths, let’s be real.

Players can also take part in new challenges, like filling up Moonlit Souls to salvage a variety of helpful items from now until July 14th. There’s also a new Surging Psyche to transmute and a variety of bug fixes and tweaks for skills for every single class across a number of different specializations. So get in there for challenges, fill up a soul, and ask yourself idly what all of this has to do with summer given the name of the update. Or don’t. It’s just a thing to do.

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