Neverwinter answers player questions about endgame, character builds, and more in an AMA


Neverwinter’s plans to squish the level cap from 80 to 20 likely raised a lot of questions in the minds of fans (in spite of the devs offering some explanations). To that end, the devs at Cryptic held an AMA yesterday to field a variety of leveling change-centric player questions.

Most of the questions appeared to have missed the memo about the AMA’s focus, but there were a few answers that did fit the bill. For one, the devs will be keeping an eye on gold earnings to ensure the new level cap won’t make buying health potions and taking enchants out of gear harder to do. Another answer confirmed that Module 21 will have some endgame things in the works, though there’s not much that can be shared at this time. On the subject of higher-end content, another answer confirmed that the item level requirements for high-end instances like VoS and Zariel’s Challenge will not be changing, but the reduction in time for leveling to max level should enable new players to reach endgame content a bit quicker.

There were a couple of questions asked about how zone removal will affect profession maps and mastercraft material availability, both of which were answered with confirmation that Mount Hotenow and Pirate’s Skyhold materials will be moved to new locations in leveling zones and that existing maps and quests will work for these regions. Finally, the devs assured players that they won’t have to retool their current builds and gear when the new level cap arrives; all that’s changing is the speed that players hit cap.

Curious players can take a few moments to skim these answers for other details, and make sure to check out our interview with the game’s lead designer for more.

source: Reddit
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