Wild Terra 2 adds in the auction house along with crypt improvements and exotic item levels

Uh... this doesn't look like an auction...

Want to put some goods up for auction in Wild Terra 2 instead of manually finding a buyer? Now you can with the game’s new auction system that even links players on different servers. The downside is that players will incur more fees for selling this way as opposed to direct trading, so it’s up to players whether the convenience outweighs the slight loss of money made from any individual item.

Players can also look forward to the game having changed how its crypts work, with a new boss, a random generation of rooms with different rewards lying within, and a minimap for the area. There are also changes to exotic items, which will now have item levels instead of strict quality systems, hopefully making the effort of creating them feel more straightforward and useful. This is the update that you may recall was delayed at the end of May due to behind-the-scenes issues, so it’s good to see that the team has pulled together and the update is now out for enjoyment.

Source: Steam

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