Dauntless adds Timeweave Armor, opens a new island variant, and brings back earnable Exotic gear


As a Dauntless player, I can tell you how awesome owning Exotics like the Godhand, the Twin Suns, the Hunger, and Tragic Echo can feel. Now, everyone can experience these unique pieces of kit once more with the game’s latest update, which brings the opportunity to earn these Exotics back to the game after their drops were removed in December’s Reforged update.

Getting hands on some Exotic weapons and armor now involves finding lore nodes scattered throughout the Hunting Grounds, which in turn unlocks a quest to craft the found Exotic. On the subject of lore nodes, the update has also added a new Timeweave armor set that grants Overpower, Predator, and Catalyst perks; the lore node for this set can be found in the Paradox Breaks.

The update also makes some changes to various Hunting Grounds islands, such as the opening of a level 10-13 version of the Paradox Breaks known as Conundrum Rocks that houses the guarantee of a Valomyr encounter, and the shifting of several guaranteed Behemoth fights to a number of different Hunting Grounds. The patch has also made some tweaks to the existing Exotics, absolutely nerfed the Energized meter gain benefit while using the sword’s Ardent Cyclone skill, and made some other balance tweaks to certain Behemoth attacks.


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