Blade and Soul Revolution releases the Qi Blade Champion class and collabs with K-pop group MAVE


It has been some time since the mobile MMO Blade & Soul: Revolution has crossed our news desk with a larger story – the last one was in 2021 when it announced global server merges. Consider us surprised to see the game is not only continuing to update but resurfacing in the headlines with a new class and a collaborative event.

The game’s latest patch introduces the Qi Blade Champion, a new close range class that wields spectral (and literal) swords to slice foes up to ribbons or block enemy attacks. The patch notes offer a detailed rundown of this new class’ abilities for those who want to get granular.

Another major feature of this patch is a collaborative event with the virtual K-pop group MAVE, which invites players into a special village where they can take on events for rewards and get an XP buff. The patch has also added a new tier of forging, new pet levels, and a Blooming Gorge event area that lets players hunt monsters for points to spend on rewards.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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