Blade and Soul Revolution to merge its global servers together


Even revolutions have to take a breather and consolidate now and then. And so it is for Blade and Soul Revolution. The mobile title, which pushed out its global version earlier this past spring, recently announced that it was folding all of its servers together. The big merge is planned for November 16th, with preparations are well underway.

What’s important to note here is that players need to take action to preserve their characters and progress. “You will not be able to use your current game data after the service merge if you do not link your account with a Netmarble email account,” the studio said.

From now until the 16th, however, there’s a special “server merge preparation event” that’s going on, with bonus prizes and XP buffs to help smooth any ruffled feathers.

Source: Blade and Soul Revolution. Thanks Kate!

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