Lineage W hires actor Kit Harington to promote the mobile MMO’s launch

Don't you have a cell phone, Jon Snow?


Using real-world actors and celebrities to promote an MMO is definitely nothing new, since it can bring a lot of attention or even a certain level of gravitas to your advertisement (unless you’re Megan Fox or Jean-Claude Van Damme). “Gravitas” certainly can be used to describe a new ad for the mobile MMO Lineage W, touting the game’s release with the help of actor Kit Harington from the How to Train Your Dragon films and the Game of Thrones TV series.

In the ad, Harington gives a waiting army a rousing speech before they march for some important battle, though the game itself isn’t actually featured in terms of gameplay. That will be up to players to find out for themselves, as the game made its arrival to our shores today, landing on Google Play, the App Store, or on PC via the Purple launcher, which also debuts in our part of the globe. Whether the ad is effective or not is up for you to decide; the video is waiting below.

sources: YouTube via MMO Fallout, official site (1, 2)

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