Blade & Soul Revolution’s global edition hits mobile today


The Blade & Soul news just keeps on coming today, as Netmarble has officially released the global version of Blade & Soul Revolution to the AppStore and GooglePlay.

“Players new to the Blade & Soul IP can look forward to an updated and streamlined experience in Blade & Soul Revolution, as in-game enhancements to the in-game hunting mechanics, player balance, and the pace of a player’s growth have been made to better suit the sensibilities of Western players,” the studio says. “The game offers unique features such as Windwalk and other martial arts actions that no other game provides.”

“At launch, players will have access to five professions – Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner. Additional information on what to expect at launch can also be found on Blade & Soul Revolution’s official website. To celebrate the launch, Netmarble prepared 7 days’ daily check-in event for four weeks with various rewards including Superior Pet Peanut, Heroic Pet Chest and many others.”

Netmarble is planning a streaming extravaganza this evening beginning at 9 p.m. EST on its Twitch channel.

Source: Press release
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