Final Fantasy XI announces more Voracious Resurgence and the pinnacle of Odyssey for March

Work on a team.

Is March the cruelest month in Final Fantasy XI? You might not think so, but consider that players will be forced to contend with the most vicious possible boss in Odyssey when the game’s March update goes live, reaching a new pinnacle of danger and offering concurrent rewards. There are four different augment paths available for armor you receive from the boss, but it’ll be a challenge to defeat your opponent in the first place. That’s pretty cruel.

Not cruel at all, of course, is the newest installment of the Voracious Resurgence that sees further activity in San d’Oria. Somewhat cruel is the new Ambuscade fight pitting players against a trio of leeches, with each one empowering the others when it passes on so that players might want to bring them all to low health before slaying any of them. So it may not be the cruelest month, but looking at the challenges with the new patch… there’s a bit of potential cruelty, yes.


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Every time I read Voracious Resurgence I think it’s a particularly nasty vomiting disease.