Splatoon 3’s new Eggstra Work event has inklings working even longer


If you thought your Splatoon 3 inkling’s job already was rough, it’s about to get rougher in the upcoming event, and no, this isn’t another Big Run. Players already knew that the new event type, Eggstra Work, would be some kind of five-wave salmon run event (compared to past events’ three waves), with some kind of extra goodies and an in-game sticker for player lockers that corresponds to performance. And now the community is learning that the event is imminent: It’ll run from 8 p.m. EDT on April 14th through the same time on April 16th.

While Nintendo has thus far been mum on other details, we do know that the aforementioned extra goodies come from spending fish scales, so it may be that this event gives players more opportunities to obtain the scaly currency. Currently, they can be obtained only if you’re able to fight King Salmonoids, which occurs only if your team’s salmoneters are full enough to trigger their event after successfully clearing three waves in a salmon run. As salmon run can go real bad real fast when players ignore known community tips, just getting to a King can be rough, let alone getting a decent scale haul. We’ll just have to wait and see how the event plays out and whether it may be worthy of potentially delaying more Splatfests in the future.

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