Blade & Soul rebalances Bloodshade Harbor, launches a new event, and details an NPC’s creation


Have you seen a tiny girl wielding a massive five-bladed chainsaw in a game and thought to yourself, “Wow, I really wish I knew how the developers concepted this character?” Then you’re in luck because Blade & Soul has decided to devote its very first design blog about NPCs to Anya, the aforementioned tiny girl wielding a massive five-bladed chainsaw, complete with concept art images scaled to resolutions we can only presume were intended to be pasted to the sides of massive skyscrapers. This is important to someone, probably.

What’s likely more important to those who play is a patch from earlier this week that rebalances the Bloodshade Harbor heroic dungeon, which now brings the encounter to the cross-server lobby, adds new items to the loot table, and introduces daily and weekly quests specific to Bloodshade Harbor.

The MMO has also begun a new battle pass season and kicked off a new event that spawns additional boss fights at Handan Village at specific times and days of the week. Or you can learn about Anya; your priorities are your own.

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