ARK Survival Ascended arrives to Xbox consoles, delays its PlayStation launch to early December


It’s a bit of good news and bad news for console fans of ARK: Survival Ascended, which is wholly dependent on which console those fans own: Studio Wildcard confirmed this past Monday that the Xbox version of the survivalbox would go live this week, while PlayStation owners would have to wait until sometime in early December.

The snarl-up for PS5 players is once again being caused by clearing certification for release on the console, primarily because of some unspecified issues that need to be addressed in order to meet Sony’s requirements. This naturally means that the earlier target of releasing by the end of November will not be met, but Wildcard promises to work on making sure cross-platform play functions and thanks fans for their patience.

Meanwhile, that same announcement confirmed yesterday’s launch on Xbox platforms, which also brought a bunch of new servers for the game, including several more official servers featuring boosted rates and a bundle of additional servers for all game modes, including console-specific Small Tribes servers. Players can keep up with server names and locations in an ongoing list.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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