blade and soul

Official Site: Blade & Soul
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: Western ETA Q1 2016
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-play
Platform: PC


Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update is now live

The latest update to NCSoft's free-to-play martial-arts MMORPG Blade & Soul has just gone live, bringing with it a fistful of new...

One Shots: What am I looking at here, exactly?

I guess I was asking for pure nightmare fuel when I issued a challenge last week to create the most disturbing and deformed avatars...

Blade & Soul is bringing back the Dragon’s Bounty event for the release of the Scarlet Tears update

Blade & Soul has already talked plenty about the new Scarlet Conservatory raid coming with the release of its upcoming Scarlet Tears...

Enter the Scarlet Conservatory in Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update, coming May 15

Blade & Soul has announced that its next major update, Scarlet Tears, will be going live on May 15th, bringing with it a...
We're legends! Maybe.

Blade & Soul’s Legends Reborn is live today as NCsoft merges western servers down to two

It's time to be legendary in Blade and Soul, or at least adjacent to the rebirth of legends. Or something like that, as...

Blade & Soul is patching up its dungeons for its next event on April 10

The upcoming event for Blade & Soul is all dungeon-based, so it makes sense for it to come alongside a patch that's all...
Next up, turtles!

Blade & Soul brings in two new dungeons for the Legends Reborn event

Do you have a deep desire to fight a turtle with sharp weapons? If so, you are a monster for that fact. However, Blade &...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 214: No fools we

Justin and Bree discus MMO April Fools' Day, Jumpgate's sequel, Funcom's new Secret World project, EverQuest 3, Rend's abrupt launch, Star Citizen's ladies, and Neverwinter and DDO's expansion dates, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, DDO, and Blade & Soul, and a mailbag question on MMO emulators.

The MOP Up: Warframe descends to Deck 12 on consoles

Warframe's Deck 12 has unlocked for console players -- and there are deep, dark secrets to be uncovered by descending to it. "Now...

One Shots: Selfish selfies

Hey! Hey man, what do you think you're doing? You're a bleeding Division agent, all right? You're the thin line that holds back anarchistic...

Netmarble reveals an English logo for Blade & Soul Revolution

If you were passing curious about Blade & Soul Revolution, one of the two mobile games spinning off of the original PC MMORPG,...
Oh, hey, didn't see you guys.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 212: Harry Potter, progression servers, and No MMO’s Sky

Justin and Bree discuss the Harry Potter mobile MMOARG; progression servers for RIFT, LOTRO, and EverQuest; No Man's Sky's MMO ambitions; WoW 8.1.5; Blade & Soul's next big thing; and The Division 2's sleepy launch. With reader mail on factional divides, the death of playable races, and staying healthy while gaming.

Battle Bards Episode 140: Piano piano!

It’s one of the most powerful and versatile of musical instruments, and now the piano is getting its own featured show here on Battle...
Next up, turtles!

Blade & Soul’s major Legacy of the Hongmoon update is live today

The latest major update for NCSoft's fantastical martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul, Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan, went live today, increasing the...

One Shots: Rack ’em up!

I have to say that I would be much more likely to take up the crimefighting life if there was a really hip rec...

Blade & Soul offers more extensive previews of additional class talent systems

You might recall that Blade & Soul showed off its new talent system for a handful of classes last week. It was...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs do you wish would come to console?

I've never been a console-first kind of gamer, so I've never felt a great pull to invest heavily in consoles, even when more major...

The MMO Bookclub devotes March to Tibia, Destiny 2, and Apex Legends

If you haven't been hanging out with the folks at MMO Bookclub lately, you may have missed a shift in the format that's...
Blade and Soul, thoughts are all like butterflies, yeah.

Blade & Soul shows off the new talent system for Destroyers, Blade Masters, and Summoners

When the next update for Blade & Soul arrives, players will be able to start specializing their characters through the use of the new...

Claim your Blade & Soul freebie pack before the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan launches March 13

The next major update for Blade & Soul, Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan, will be going live next month on March 13th, and...