Blade & Soul further reduces 2023 content plans in new producer letter


Blade & Soul is ending its January with a producer letter that offers fans several teases for the year ahead. One of them is immediate: NCsoft West says that recent additions of gold rewards for dailies has solved an economic issue in the game, and it’s planning on gathering more data before deciding how to “strike a balance between gold and material acquisition.”

The rest is a bit less rosy. Readers may recall that last fall, the B&S team slowed down the game’s content cadence to just once every other month. Now, the studio says it needs to pull back a little bit more, with “two months within 2023 with lighter content than [the studio] had originally hoped.”

“Plenty of new content is still coming to Blade & Soul this year, and we are excited for you to see those releases! However, we decided to spend additional time preparing, testing, and tailoring some of that content for North America and Europe. The first month with lighter content will be February, and the second is projected for September. We understand less content in any given month is not desired, but we’re confident the overall outcome will be better for the development cycles and your play cycles moving through 2023 and beyond. Rest assured, we are putting all our concerted efforts into making Blade & Soul as enjoyable as can be while respecting your day-to-day time. To that end, the March update is packed with loads of new content that we can’t wait for you all to begin to play with.”

The team is promising another producer letter later in the year, along with a stream preview of upcoming content “towards the end of February.” The unsigned letter ends with a music tease from the March release.

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