One Shots: The best player-submitted MMO screenshots of 2022


For our very last One Shots column of 2022, we’re going to take a break from the routine to hand out awards to our most excellent readers for their contributions over the past year. While everyone gets a participation trophy (it’s invisible, but it’s there), I combed through all 50 or so columns from 2022 to pluck out the absolute best.

I did put a limit that no one could win more than one award, even though some of you posted many excellent entries. So in no particular order, enjoy the best player screenshots of 2022!

“Reflective Nights Award”

Everyone likes to take those pictures of our characters with their backs to the camera and staring off into space, but I feel that Vincent captured this look best of all with this FFXIV snap.

“Creepy Freaky Award”

Bullwraith delivered a truly nerve-chilling look at an army of zombies outside of a cage in Elder Scrolls Online. I can stay locked in here, thank you very much.

“Stealth Shot Award”

You think your rogue is all stealthy? Stormwaltz managed to cloak an entire starship in Star Trek Online!

“Tree of the Year Award”

Not every sapling, mighty oak, or donut sprinkle tree is up for this award, and only one could win it. Fortunately, Katriana found the best tree in Guild Wars 2. Comes with its own nightlight.

“Desolate Landscapes Award”

For a place that I’d be happy to visit in-game but terrified to see in real life, I’m going with Sleepy’s Warhammer Online windmill.

“Honey I Shrunk the Award Award”

When big is little and little is big, you can expect Toy Clown to be on the scene. Here, a ladybug ferries a character across a book in Lost Ark. Neat!

“Getting Punchy With It Award”

Don’t dis IronSalamander8 in FFXIV, because this will happen. The upside is that your demise will be recorded for posterity.

“Outer Space Vista Award”

Space may be cold, silent, and filled with a whole lot of nothingness, but Minimalistway managed to capture one of its more visually arresting sights with this EVE Online post.

“Everything’s Normal Here Award”

Nothing to see here — it’s just Scott on a totally normal, even dull, adventure with a flying hippo on the moon in FFXIV.

“Fashion Meets Lethality Award”

RimaHadley channeled the spirit of Sailor Moon for this action-packed FFXIV pic. Don’t look at the arrow, you may go blind.

“Skybox Award”

Drelkag was one of the very few people to venture into Ryzom and return with proof. Maybe if more people saw skyboxes like this, they’d check it out?

“Scheduled Downtime Award”

What do you do with your downtime in MMOs? Hikari goes to the amusement park in Tower of Fantasy, which sounds like the best answer to that question.

“The Eyes Have It Award”

Utakata spent a lot of time documenting adventures in Blade and Soul this year, but for my money, none were as arresting as this simple character portrait.

“Nuclear Sunset Award”

I’m a little worried that LOTRO’s Middle-earth just got nuked, but at least Hirku Two was around to capture the moment before all the Hobbits mutated.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to¬† with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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