The Daily Grind: Do any old MMORPGs provoke trauma for you?


A while back I fell down a rabbit hole digging into Blade and Soul NEO Classic (trying to figure out whether the NEO was just supposed to be “new” or was an acronym too), when I stumbled into a Reddit comment attempting to define the game in a way that made me genuinely laugh.

“[It’s] BnS Classic,” the Redditor quipped. “Like what WoW, Runescape, and almost every other MMO has done. Re-live the nostalgia! Re-live the trauma!”

OK, I realize he’s being facetious, but at the same time, he’s not exactly wrong. A clear-eyed look back at some of the MMORPGs I grew up on most definitely reminds me of some of the low-grade trauma from the early days – being ganked, being robbed, having a guild castle stolen through subterfuge, petty fights, falling asleep on my keyboard during boring-ass all-night raids, that time a guildie faked his death IRL and sent everyone into a multi-day panic – and that’s before even getting to the bugs and grind and camping and elitism. Sure, it’s not in the “I fled a warzone with only the clothes on my back” sense of trauma; more in the “I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a bus to school when I was 12” sense. Not scarred for life, but definitely not eager to go back for no compelling reason.

Do any old MMORPGs provoke trauma for you?

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