World of Warcraft’s Classic Hardcore mode is bringing in the Self-Found mode on February 29

Yes, we're all very impressed.

Are you all proud of yourself because you reached max level in World of Warcraft? You don’t really deserve to be proud of yourself unless it was in WoW Classic’s Hardcore servers. But if you managed that, you still shouldn’t feel proud of yourself because you probably bought an item off the auction house like the worthless cheater you are. The real hardcore requires you to go into the Self-Found mode, which also restricts mail, the auction house, and trading in any form.

If you’re up for this particular self-inflicted challenge, the new server mode will be available on February 29th, if you truly need to prove your ability to survive in the game like an ersatz single-player survival game. Perhaps future modes will involve sending actual bears to your home while you’re at work. For now, though, prepare yourself for an even harder hardcore. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for the core to get any harder.

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