outlaws of the old west

Bounty hunters make a return to Outlaws of the Old West

When it comes to open sandbox games, one's sense of morality tends to skew just a wee bit, especially if it means survival. Players...
Outand aboutlaws.

Outlaws of the Old West drops bugfix patch and wipe while explaining how to rustle up your grub

When Outlaws of the Old West describes itself as being in early access, it means early access. That's why it has patches like the most recent...

The MOP Up: Aion’s cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring

The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full bloom over at Aion Europe, with this spring festival offering a hero trial, a "topsy-turvy" laboratory, a...
At this point it's debatable if anything will come out of here.

Betawatch: Ashes of Creation wants itself some big organized PvP fights

So Ashes of Creation is delaying its testing phase, that's not a big deal. The game still has plans for nice big and meaty...

First Impressions: My first three days of survival in Outlaws of the Old West

Back in 1999, I lived out in Colorado Springs and basked in the wide-open spaces, the scenic mountains, the towering mesas, and the feeling...

Snail Games’ Outlaws of the Old West rustle up a Steam early access launch

Form a posse with your best friends and ride out of that fantasy game and into the old west, for today Snail Games has...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 210: The spice must flow

Justin and Bree discuss Funcom's Dune, Anarchy Online's prog, Elder Scrolls Online's Wrathstone, Atlas' wipe, Guild Wars 2's layoffs, DDO's Sharn expansion, and Outlaws of the Old West, with adventures in Eldevin, LOTRO, Paragon Chat, Trove, and SWG; a mailbag question on finding laid-back MMOs; and a sponsored segment on Black Desert.

Red Dead Online’s testers grump over patch issues as Rockstar updates with Fool’s Gold event

During MOP's last podcast recording, Justin and I discussed Snail Games' upcoming Outlaws of the Old West survival sandbox MMO-lite, and naturally we pointed...
Outand aboutlaws.

Survival sandbox Outlaws of the Old West shares a sneak peek at its biomes

A new player on the unstable western gaming scene, Outlaws of the Old West looks like it has things more together than certain other...
Old town road optional.

Brave the American frontier in Virtual Basement’s upcoming Outlaws of the Old West, published by Snail Games

Step aside, Red Dead Online; there's a new wild-west sandbox moseying into town -- the newly announced Outlaws of the Old West from developer...