Survival sandbox Outlaws of the Old West shares a sneak peek at its biomes

Outand aboutlaws.

A new player on the unstable western gaming scene, Outlaws of the Old West looks like it has things more together than certain other titles that we could name. Still, it remains to be seen if Snail Games can pull of a fun, engaging, and stable experience when the game appears on Steam early access on March 12th.

The studio did offer up a brief peek into various terrain elements in a post this past week. The temperate plains, cold mountains, and harsher deserts were on display along with some flavor text suggesting your chances of survival in each.

Also: “Here is a quick look at an earlier version of our in-game UI. While some elements have been changed, this is what you can expect when you login to the world of Outlaws for the first time.”

Source: Steam

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Danny Smith

Meanwhile i’ll just sit here flipping through my Malifaux and Deadlands rulebooks lamenting the fact that the last good Weird Western games were on the Playstation 2. Maybe someday we will get a western mmo thats a lot more ‘the witcher’ or ‘shadowrun’ than ‘remember red dead redemptioooooon?’

malifaux-crossroads (2).jpg

For years almost nobody had Western themed games, now they are sprouting like mushrooms.


There’s plenty of western games. You’re just either really young or you chose to ignore them.