The people best able to afford VR have the least interest in the gaming associated with VR adoption


Well, here’s a fun one. Research firm Quantic Foundry¬†took a look at the statistical breakdown for surveys about VR purchase plans and existing VR headset purchases between November 2016 and February 2019. The questions asked about the satisfaction of those who had bought in, inquired about the plans of those who hadn’t, and attempted to build some correlation between the data sets. As it turns out, the age brackets most likely to buy into VR were older, with adoption rates highest among respondents above age 36+ (where the rates still peaked at 34.5%).

Why? Well, the surveys also found that¬†enthusiasm for VR tended to be highest among those who valued excitement and destruction as their primary reasons for playing… which also are the two fields that diminish the most as players get older. In short, the people most excited about VR headsets are more likely to be the people who can’t afford them, and the people best able to afford them are least likely to be interested. This may tie into the declining interest of developers and consumers. Aren’t statistics fun?

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