Brave the American frontier in Virtual Basement’s upcoming Outlaws of the Old West, published by Snail Games

Old town road optional.

Step aside, Red Dead Online; there’s a new wild-west sandbox moseying into town — the newly announced Outlaws of the Old West from developer Virtual Basement. The game, which is being published by Snail Games’s new indie publishing label Wandering Wizard, is “an open world sandbox crafting and survival game set in the American Frontier” that boasts “a vast open world map, 150 person servers, settlement customization, player-created narratives & economy and an elaborate morality system.” In addition, the game will launch with PvE, PvP, and RP servers, so every player can find a home that fits his or her playstyle.

Executive Producer (and Wandering Wizard Archmage, whatever that means) Tim Hesse says of the title, “With Outlaws of the Old West our goal is to give gamers the ultimate Western experience. We can’t wait to gather feedback directly from our players so we can deliver a game that’s truly catered to the community.” That process of feedback-gathering will begin next month, when Outlaws of the Old West hits Steam’s Early Access program on March 12th, with a full release coming “at a later date.” While you’re waiting for that, though, be sure to check out the game’s official announcement trailer just below.

Source: Press Release, Official Site, Steam
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