Outlaws of the Old West patches in the tailor

Bears are always fashionable.

Being on the wrong side of the law in Outlaws of the Old West is no excuse for looking less than fashionable. Fortunately for those with a sense of style and a need to scoff at the proper observation of law and order, the latest patch for the game has added the tailor’s shop, allowing you to purchase clothing and materials to look appropriately stylish. Or to make a bold contrary statement by pairing chartreuse pants with a maroon top; that’s also an option.

The update also contains various bug fixes, like making sure that you can no longer damage mineshafts, ensuring that mineshafts prefer to open into unopened mining instances, and fixing the sign physics for several stores. The result should be a more stable and playable game that also allows you to look your best or worst, as you prefer. You can be an outlaw of color theory as well as on the run from the local sheriff.

Source: Steam
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