Magnificent 5, the battle royale Wild West Online spinoff, is now out on Steam, kinda


Way back in the long long ago, Wild West Online joined the MMO scene, kinda flopped, relaunched, all but sank its studio, was rescued by Sergey Titov’s Free Reign Entertainment, split into multiple titles, and got a reskin as New Frontier last year. Wild West Online itself appears to no longer be on Steam itself, but one of those other multiple titles is also live as of this week. That’d be Magnificent 5, a standalone battle royale game.

“100 players across a massive battlefield. 5 Players per Team. 20 total teams. Explore, Collect, Take Aim and Pull the Trigger. Meet the new Battle Royale, WILD WEST Style!”

The downside is the game appears to be region-locked as we’re getting the old “this item is currently unavailable in your region” error when trying to load it up, and we’re not sure for how long. (OK, maybe this isn’t a downside.) This problem may also help explain why it appears there are under 50 players online in the F2P title right now as we type this.


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Dead on arrival.


The Modern Development Lifecycle model:

1. Hype up a game with things like “indie”, “self-published”, FEATURES, and “breaking the mold”
2. Open-develop the game to a degree, but ensure you monetize it super early – like pre-alpha
3. Release the game as Early Access, while it’s still in pre-alpha or alpha build and let players beta test it while paying for access
4. Scale back on 90% of the features and rationalize it by stating “we wanna focus on creating a quality core experience, with additional features being developed upon launch”
5. Watch dwindling numbers as players realize that the cesspool of broken systems, bugs, and barebone features is not enough to keep a steady population
6. Redesign the game into a Battle Royal, because it’s a free money maker, right? Plus it doesn’t need any of the complex promised features
7. Shut down the game after failing to maintain critical mass of players for the BR mode

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Not region locked here (Brazil). It doesn’t means I’ll be downloading it.