Wild West Online rebrands as New Frontier, now with steampunk and alien monsters


You know what they say: When a horse is beaten to death, that’s just a good opportunity to reanimate it as a steampunk monstrosity.

The monstrosity is, in this case, New Frontier, which is a retooled open world sandbox made from the parts of the late Wild West Online. After failing so very hard last year following a botched launch and the near-closure of the company, the remaining studio decided to go back to the drawing board to remake the game into two titles: a battle royale (Magnificent 5) and this survival title.

New Frontier is vastly different from the straight-up western MMO of Wild West Online as it sports alien monsters, magic storms, battle robots, radio towers, and other steampunk elements. It just went into alpha early access this week, and previous WWO players can log in to find that their accounts and purchases are still intact. There are no plans to wipe the game from now through launch, with weekly content releases scheduled for “the next 24 weeks.”

Source: New Frontier. Thanks DK and Kinya!
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