Red Dead Online puts a wild-west twist on capture the flag with its new Spoils of War game mode


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned showdown, and the folks at Rockstar know it, which is why they’ve just expanded Red Dead Online’s Showdown Series with the new Spoils of War game mode.

Described as “a frontier take on capture-style multiplayer,” Spoils of War sees two teams of up to eight players squaring off in head-to-head PvP battles “across a variety of locations including Fort Mercer and Valentine,” in which each team must defend its stockpile of loot while raiding the enemy’s. Whichever team has pilfered the most plunder by the end of the match will take home the win.

To commemorate the arrival of the new gametype, for the rest of this week, players will get a hearty 20% boost to experience earned in all Showdown matches, and winning a single Spoils of War match will grant an additional reward of eight dynamite arrows — perfect for hunting when you want your meat pre-minced and seasoned with nitroglycerin.

On top of adding the new game mode, Rockstar has also introduced some new duds for the fashionable frontiersman. This “rare clothing” will be available only for a limited time from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, so be sure to order now while supplies last. For the full details on the new game mode and the exclusive new threads, you can check out the official announcement on the game’s site.

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