Massively OP Podcast Episode 211: Carrying the Torchlight

I still love you, robot.

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin compare notes over Torchlight Frontiers’ alpha test, cover the LOTRO/DDO downtime saga, say farewell to Kritika Online (we never knew ye), and debate the merits of Cryptic’s now-sunsetted Foundry system.

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When it comes to Daylight Savings, I don’t mind the clocks going forward or back where I live. But it’s a total headache trying to coordinate things with people in other timezones when different countries (or different areas in the same country) change their clocks on different dates, or don’t change their clocks at all. Today I missed out on some in-game dailies and the start of an official livestream because I momentarily forgot (twice) that the clocks have changed in the country where the studio’s based and I thought I had an hour left when I hadn’t!

One of the things I liked when I played RuneScape (many many years ago) was that the skill used to build a house and furniture was also used in minigames and dungeons. I’d like to see more MMOs with housing systems tied into crafting skills that also have uses outside housing. Which makes me wonder if there are any other MMOs out there with short (i.e. 30 minutes to a couple of hours) minigames or subsystems where characters go in and have to use crafting skills to bypass obstacles and to make temporary adventuring gear from scratch?


Just gotta say – I mentioned Fate in the MOP stream of Torchlight. Game was my childhood.

Fenrir Wolf

Goodness, it’s been a while. Had some things to deal with, mostly pertaining to an immigration visa.

Anyway, I watched the YouTube video of Chris’s — he’s a lot of fun, that one — and I’m liking what I see for the most part. There are a few things there that worry me, but there are many, many more that excites me. Such as being able to lay tracks, and place a turret in a minecart upon those tracks, as an ability!

That’s such an intelligent, clever idea! ArenaNet, are you listening? Why doesn’t your bloody engineer use this system? Stationary turrets are next to useless, and that annoys me because it’s contrary to the more tech-heavy approach I’d want to play as in that game. While that’s a disappointment in Guild Wars 2, it seems as though it shan’t be here!

The clanky, jittery robot — whom I believe is named Forge — looks like an utter delight to play as. If one of the other classes is a big, burly, doom-serving beast person? I might just be sold.

Aesthetically, I already am. Oh, Torchlight Frontiers… Please be good. I really want you to be good. And, well, if not… Darksburg, eh?

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Garrison is not housing .. fight me! :-)

To be serious, no matter what Blizzard says or anti-housing players, garrison was not something nice to have, it was a main feature for a whole expansion, after that it’s irrelevant.

IronSalamander8 .

Garrisons were a neat idea that were badly implemented. Such wasted potential. They could have been hubs for guild activities and groups of friends but they ended up just being a wasted opportunity.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Agreeeee! Garrisons remain a cool idea. So much potential, mostly squandered. WoW in a nutshell.


I think SotA has the best housing hands down – its just not as much known as the bigger companies games. Also a lot more of the sandboxes, even oldies like UO had great housing. By the way Anarchy Online you can have an apartment and its a game launched in around 2001