Kritika Online is shutting down in the west in April

Not another one.

Sad news for Kritika Online fans today, as En Masse Entertainment has officially announced the shuttering of the game on April 30th of this year. That gives the game just about a two-year lifespan in North America and Europe. New account creation is already disabled, and players with outstanding balances in the game’s microtransaction shop will be issued refunds to use in other En Masse Entertainment titles. The refunds should be available as of March 15th, so if you’ve got some unspent money you want to make use of, now’s the time to find the new game you want to spend it in.

Unusually enough, the compensation also extends to players who want to jump into the game’s Korean version, which is both still running and offers players a free costume for swapping service. It’s a nice sentiment, although the localization gap means that it seems unlikely to win many converts. So we offer our sympathy to the staff and players affected by this shutdown.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Colton for the tip!
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