Path of Exile’s Synthesis expansion patch notes are out – and ridiculously long


The release of Path of Exile’s Synthesis expansion is almost upon us, and in preparation for the big day, the folks at Grinding Gear Games have published the Synthesis patch notes in their outlandishly extensive entirety. With new league-specific mechanics, new skill gems, balance adjustments to existing skills, and a whole lot more, there’s something here for pretty much everyone.

Of course, the primary focus of the expansion is the new Synthesis league mechanics, which will see players helping the lingering spirit Cavas to regain his lost memories by delving into them in search of answers and, of course, loot, including the new Fractured and Synthesized item types.

Players will also be getting plenty of new tools with which to craft the character builds of their dreams. There are seven new skill gems, three new support gems, 17 new unique items, the new Energy Shield Leech stat, and some new additions to the passive skill web. And beyond that, even many old skills should seem fresh and exciting, as two of them — Flame Totem (now known as Holy Flame Totem) and Storm Burst — have received complete reworks, and dozens of others have received balance adjustments to (hopefully) add a bit more variety to the list of viable builds.

These are only a few of the changes coming in Synthesis, but the full list of changes is so staggeringly long that to even attempt to summarize them here would be an exercise in futility, but if you want to soak up all the gritty details, you can check out the patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
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