Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss is working on a new family-friendly game code-named Project V

Surprising no one, we have not pictured the thing we don't know about.

We know that Project V (or “Project Five” if you want to cheekily reference roman numerals) is in development from Pearl Abyss. We know that it’s going to be using a new game engine, as the engine behind Black Desert Online is nine years old and thus not being used for new titles. And we know that Project V is meant to be a casual and family-friendly game. And… that’s it. We basically have no other information.

There is a teaser image out there, which is good, but the teaser image doesn’t show much more than a modern-seeming setting with a young girl, who appears to be accompanied by a panda and a pineapple in reflection. This doesn’t really suggest much in terms of mechanics or gameplay, obviously. Then again, we still don’t know how far off the title is in the first place; we could find out more within a few months or never again. Video games are fun.

Source: Facebook via MMO Culture
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