Guild Wars 2 drops WvW warclaw mount, Lounge, and class balance tweaks in today’s patch

Last week was surely the most disastrous in Guild Wars 2 history, and that’s saying a lot given the mess that was last July. But with today’s patch, the ArenaNet team is pressing onward, releasing new content in spite of saying goodbye to 143 colleagues after the February layoffs. The headline feature of the patch is the new warclaw mount, of course.

“The new warclaw mount can now be unlocked in WvW. To accommodate this addition, a Warclaw Mastery line has been added to the Rank and Abilities tab of the World vs. World panel. Training the first skill in the mastery line will unlock a collection achievement that, once completed, allows players to purchase a warclaw from vendors in the Borderlands. Once the warclaw has been unlocked, players can summon it anywhere that mounts can be used, but warclaws are especially effective in WvW where they excel in battle and siege warfare. A well-trained warclaw can finish off enemies who are in a downed state, detect nearby foes, and even help destroy gates in siege battles.”

However, you should probably take a peak at the patch notes even if you’re not into awesome cat mounts, as the update also includes sweeping balance changes for all the classes. It’s the kind of list where exactly nobody is going to be happy, yay.

Incidentally, if you’re normally a PvE player in Guild Wars 2, but you still want that Warclaw, take a look at this thread from that_shaman, breaking down exactly what PvP slog you’ll have in front of you to get it.

There’s been a cash shop update too; the cool bit here is Armistice Bastion, which appears to be a new Lounge (one of those special pay-to-play hubs with all the vendors and gates and such). Just the music on this makes me feel homesick.

“Grab your pass and enter the Armistice Bastion, a neutral ground in the never-ending Mist War. Stay informed on the shifting tides of battle with access to team chat and a detailed view of the WvW map. Traveling around this lounge is made easy with Mist-Step travel skills—simply use them to teleport to merchants or to quickly return to Tyria. But with amenities this great, we think you’ll stick around for a while.”

Source: Patch notes
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Never played GW2, should I give this game a try? Or it’s too late for new players to join?

Dankey Kang

Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game, but you really need both the expansions to get the most out of it. Also keep in mind that there is no traditional verticle progression system unlike most other MMOs, so endgame is more restricted to making money/levelling masteries and just goofing around.

I’d still be playing it if they’d make the longbow a viable weapon for DragonHunters.


The base game is free now and you can get a feel if you like the basics of the GW2 combat, aesthetic, world, etc. The expansions go on sale reasonably often, but there’s a lot of fun to be had in the free game and if you find you’re enjoying it, you can snag them then.

Heart of Thorns is the first expansion – it adds story, and the ability to glide as it’s headline feature.
Path of Fire is the second expansion, and it adds mounts (very very cool mounts) as it’s “headline” feature.

Gliding is nice, but if you had to pick just one of the two, I enjoyed Path of Fire more than Heart of Thorns. HoT wasn’t bad, it’s just not as good in my opinion.

But it’s certainly not “too late”, and it’s well worth the download.


I’ll say this, I agree with Bree that it’s never too late, with exception to the Warclaw mount in WvW if that’s one of your reasons to playing. If you want it, get the game now because in a few weeks to a month it’s going to be a hell of a time getting it then. Everyone that wants it will have already gotten it and you’ll be left running around a huge WvW maps on foot while everyone is on a mount or runs you over if they’re on the opposing army.

Bruno Brito

Conjure Frost Bow: Changed the name of the item summoned by this skill from “ice bow” to “frost bow.”

The only Elementalist Core change. Nice buff.

The Scrapper changes are ok, and actually, can be pretty good. The problem is the state of Scrappers in general. Holo is just better, because the game is awful with balancing tanky builds.

We’ll be pushing some of its damage higher through skill updates in PvE, but will be mostly leaving it alone in competitive modes, as all the necromancer specializations have a healthy representation in competitive game modes.

Necros are pubstompers. They were NEVER healthy in competitive enviroments because they’re immobile glasscannons who get focused hard. Their burst was also dependant on resource-building and that’s a big no-no for teambased competition.

Warrior banner changes are ok.

Here’s my problem with these patchnotes, and overall, any patchnotes that GW2 may put out there: The game itself is suffering from one of the worst powercreeps in MMO history. WvW is already a mess with several tactical upgrades ( gliding and now mounts ) being behind a xpac paywall. TTK is a dumpster-fire, and since burst is completely out of control, classes that exploit that TTK with active defenses ( Holo/Daredevil/Spellbreaker/Mirage ), which are the core gameplay of GW2, are better than anything brought with stats.

Nothing Anet does will fix that unless they rework the damage quoeficients, the way that boons and conditions work, and the overall stat management. Which will require a herculean task for a team that just laid off 143 employees.

So, whoever is trying to look forward to the future, praying that the game gets into a good spot, just get comfy. This will probably be how the game will be for the rest of it’s life.

Kickstarter Donor

That new lounge is pretty nice looking. Doubt I’ll pick it up since I already have the Mistlock Sanctuary one, but I may grab a temp-pass to it to check it out eventually.


My engineer is (provisionally) happy for the first time in ages. In practice it could still be awful.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

You actually get 5 skirmish tickets with each of the collection items which, I think, comes to 40. That would speed things up considerably. You still need to complete the new Warclaw Mastery track once though, which, if you are a total newbie to WvW, is probably going to take you some hours even with a good commander runing an effective zerg.

If you play WvW regularly chances are you’ll have most of it already saved up though. It took me about half an hour.