Guild Wars 2 previews the new WvW Warclaw mount now launching tomorrow


There’s just something so very MMO about riding a giant horned cat in to battle, and that’s just what Guild Wars 2 players will get to do on March 5th with the arrival of the Warclaw mount. This launch date is later than originally announced owing to the recent layoffs at ArenaNet.

The Warclaw is earned via an exclusive Mastery track for playing in WvW, requiring you to own Path of Fire and only be rank 1 to unlock the Mastery that leads to the collection achievement you have to do. This achievement basically tasks you with doing everything WvW-related, including killing players and guards and taking keeps. If this all sounds like a lot of work, don’t fret: someone’s done the math and sorted out roughly the amount of time you’ll want to spend to get a new kitty to ride.

The mount will be the slowest on offer by design, but it can gain speed in allied territory with the right Mastery unlock and is still faster than running back into a fight in PvP. Speaking of Mastery unlocks, once you’ve fully completed the Warclaw’s Mastery line, the mount will get three unique skills that will likely be very useful in WvW, including an attack that wipes out foes in a downed state and a skill that has your Warclaw tugging on a Gate with a chain. The devs are also planning to add additional skills to the Warclaw in future updates.

sources:, Twitter
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