Heat might be the PC’s answer to Red Dead Online and the flopped Wild West Online, if the dev can actually follow through


If last year’s Old West multiplayer titles like Red Dead Online and Wild West Online left you cold, then Heat might warm you up. Developer Code}{atch plunked the 32-man persistent world survival game into early access on Steam last week, stating it’ll sit in that format for at least a year. The game boasts 20 biomes, the chance to become president, road building, farming, cooking, shipping, mounts, livestock, and homesteading.

Oh yeah, and babymaking, kidnapping, and breastfeeding. Now I have your attention.

“Start a family with other players or NPCs. During the process of love making, the male will have a chance of making the female pregnant. Once pregnant, the female will birth a newborn. The newborn grows to become a baby, the baby then grows up to be a child, the child eventually becomes an adult. A second option is to adopt from an orphanage by purchasing a baby basket in the shipping catalog. The baby will be inside the basket delivered to you. Adoption is very expensive, but provides a guaranteed outcome, whereas the first option may not reliably result in pregnancy due to the possibility for weak seed. Your children are a mix of the visual DNA of the two parents. Babies, children, and adults will need to feed and stay hydrated (players lactate to breastfeed their newborns). If you fail to care for your children, the government will take them from you for mistreatment. Beware of other players, as they can adopt your newborns, babies, and children as their own if you are not nearby (as they would be considered abandoned). So, keep them secret, keep them safe.”

Here’s the downside: Code}{atch has a track record of coming up with amazing ideas for games that are never finished. For example, as Polygon relates, it’s the company that botched Starforge and Reign of Kings, prompting waves of refund demands and accusations about reskins.

Maybe just keep an eye on Lactation & Kidnapping Online for now and keep your money close until it’s a sure thing.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Kinya!
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