Pirate101 keeps up the hype for its May 31 Steam launch and Iron Lotus update

How are you this way.

It wasn’t too long ago that Pirate101 players were moving from worried to hopeful as the kid-friendly MMO seemed to be entering maintenance mode in 2020, then saw renewed investment. Now, we can move from hopeful to excited (ideally) as KingsIsle is banging the Big Drum of Hype for May 31st, as the 10 year-old title heads to Steam and gets a new content drop.

Naturally, the game’s Steam page is already online ahead of the date, ready for wishlisting and offering at least a couple of interesting news tidbits in the related news hub, namely the important word of a Frogfather plushie’s debut and a look at some items coming in Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus.

On the subject of the Iron Lotus update, new details beyond what was discussed in this month’s newsletter are still sparse here, but it does promise to continue the quest to find the titular captain; that’s what a second chapter means, after all. More information is likely to be revealed later, but in the meantime you can check out our interview with KingsIsle to learn more about the Steam launch, what it all means for Pirate101 and the company, and a general look at what the semi-immediate future holds.

source: press release
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