Osiris New Dawn finishes up its story mode in latest experimental branch update

More building!

Every story has to end some time, and so too has the one being told by survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn. The game’s latest experimental branch patch, which readers will recall was being built as part of overall improvements to the experience, has finished up the story portion of the title.

Players should now be able to complete the story mission objectives that remain and enjoy some end credits and an ending cinematic as well, while other additions to the experimental branch include a printer cryptex, zirconium to the Proteus 2 map, space debris complete with physics, and the addition of some new sound effects and animations. The patch has also re-enabled console commands and crushed a few bugs.

A timeline for when this experimental build will arrive to the early access build hasn’t been outlined yet, but it may still be a ways off, as the next focus will be on improving enemy AI and remastering certain monsters. For now, at least the story is finished.

source: Steam
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