Osiris New Dawn’s Discovery update adds new biomes, flora investigation, and space station building


Most of the time in games, a discovery system usually involves aiming a scanner at something and hitting a button. In the Discovery update for sci-fi survival title Osiris: New Dawn, discovery involves players hitting multiple buttons — as well as actually finding out more about the plant they’re testing.

The discovery system in question will let players investigate undiscovered flora by using various tools on an them, whether it’s an extraction tool, a blunt tool, a sharp tool, or a surgical tool. Each weapon or tool used on a resource may yield a different item, which promises more scientific exploration of the solar system and all of its life forms.

While discovery is certainly a part of the update, there’s other features as well including new biomes and landscape updates; the ability to craft a low-orbit space station with various modules that can be put together in any combination players desire; a salvaging system that allows players to find, salvage, repair and commandeer lost structures, vehicles, and droids in the world; resource filters for the GPS; adjusted building progression and a new skill tree; and mineral hardness for gatherables among other things. These features are the tip of a very large iceberg, which is all outlined in the patch notes.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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