Osiris New Dawn is now two major updates away from leaving early access


Big news for those following the progress of sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn: The game is now two major updates away from heading into its 1.0 update and ultimate end of early access, with the first of these updates previewed in a recent dev blog.

Features of the game’s next update include a series of power management systems, vehicles that have more physical effects on things they run into or over, new cockpit interactions, improved first-person space walking, bigger HAB windows, and an overhaul to the game’s bin system. This update is slated to arrive to the game’s experimental branch by the end of this month.

After that, there’s one more major update to make before it makes its way into full release, and while timing for these updates haven’t been outlined yet, players of the game will have more information offered to them “in the coming months.” It doesn’t look like there will be long to wait now.

source: Steam
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