WRUP: Rejected lyrics to Salt-N-Pepa’s hit 1993 song ‘What a Man’ edition

The HORSE is a noble animal.

Editor’s note: We’re sorry, but due to legal action by Cheryl James, Sandra Denton, and Deidra Roper, we are forced to retract this week’s What Are You Playing in its entirety. We are also, on the advice of multiple attorneys, at least one priest, a talking dog, and the oracle who lives within the darkened woods, stating that despite the jokes originally written here we are aware of all of the following points:

  • At no time did Salt-N-Pepa endorse, operate, sponsor, or otherwise connect to an underground fork-fighting ring operating in New York City during the period of time between April 1995 and July 2007.
  • There is no video proof of the musicians demonstrating how to pour hot sauce in a teacup before you give it to your partner, nor did they attempt to publish a book in which they describe this act as a “Cajun-style wakeup.”
  • The liner notes of the 1993 album “Very Necessary” do not contain any dissertation on why Verizon Wireless stores should be vandalized with glitter bombs and glue, particularly since Verizon as a company was not founded until 2000.
  • No public interviews exist wherein Ms. James and Ms. Roper cite any strong opinions on the topic of putting underwear on dogs, and in the event that they did cite such opinions, it is unlikely bordering on nonsensical to say that their opinions would include discussion of Velcro as a sealant or the presence of live worms.
  • Sandra Denton is most definitely not the assumed identity of John Wilkes Booth for numerous reasons, starting with the fact that Booth died in 1865 and she was not born until a century later.
  • En Vogue did not record their vocals on the song “What a Man” via AI voice simulation, a technology that did not exist during the recording sessions.
  • Even if they had, En Vogue as a musical act would not have continued singing for 45 minutes after recording stopped about how all of their listeners should hail their dark lord Michael Bolton.
  • There is not a “hidden enclave of New York” wherein Salt-n-Pepa rule as goddesses.
  • This song was not even peripherally related to the plot of Avengers: Endgame.

Bonus question: What’s the last TV show you binge-watched? New or old, doesn’t matter.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s both Splatfest and Community Day in Pokemon Go this weekend, so I have some game stuff to really keep me busy.

Fallout is certainly the last show I really binged, though for a few months now I’ve slowly been going through King of the Hill because I realized I hadn’t seen all the episodes as a teenager and it’s usually a good laugh without being too heavy.

Andy McAdams: I’ve got a bunch of meatspace stuff this weekend, so not expecting much play time at all.

Bonus: Fallout, and I just started my approximate 4,342,993rd bingeing of Futurama start-to-finish.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m still having fun with my kids in Farm Together 2, so I’ll probably be in there, plus I want to get some leveling time on my Lord of the Rings Online Hunter too.

Bonus: I was on a binge TV kick last fall when I made it through the Wheel of Time show, both seasons. Then I switched to binge reading, which is probably better for my brain. Next up, I really do need to sit down and do Rings of Power since S2 is being spoiled everywhere.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): After sharing some stream time with Bree in the game, I’ll likely continue my dips into Farm Together 2, alongside the (now) usual The Elder Scrolls Online goofery and a bit more Final Fantasy XIV. That new job actions trailer definitely reignited things there, that’s for sure.

I’m actually someone who avoids binging television and further finds that watching a series in a long sitting is detrimental to my enjoyment. But if we’re going to expand binging into regularly watching series (aka “appointment television”), then there was The Blacklist, The Mysteries of Laura, and Due South among those shows I kept up with religiously.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): This coming week is going to be spicy for me, so I’m going to be doing some prep in Final Fantasy XIV ahead of it. Oh boy, oh boy.

Last one I straight-up binged was definitely Brooklyn 99. I love that show.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I thought I’d already be done with Superhot Mind Control but game time slowed this week. Plus the final levels here have gotten much more difficult. Harry Potter Magic Awakened released the final chapter of this season story this week too so I’ll make sure to complete that this week.

Bonus: I just finished binge watching the Fallout show on Amazon. It was much more gruesome than I expected, but I really enjoyed it.

Tyler Edwards (blog): It’s World of Warcraft’s Pandaria remix for me. I’m going to be leveling a Blood Elf paladin. Considering other characters as well, but we’ll see how much I actually like the remix first.

Bonus question: I don’t really binge watch stuff. I prefer to watch just an episode at a time so I can have some time to digest between.

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