EverQuest is running a TLP free play weekend in advance of next week’s new servers

Plus, Fippy Fest is almost sold out


One of the most popular activities in EverQuest’s sphere is taking part in the classic MMO’s time-locked progression (TLP) servers. Unfortunately, these special ruleset shards are limited to subscribers only, which shuts out the rest of you filthy F2P masses.

Actually, we should say that normally you’re shut out of it — but not right now. That’s because Daybreak is running a TLP free play weekend from now through Monday morning: “Starting right this very minute, you can play on any TLP for FREE for the entire weekend! We know what we said… FREE! So, grab your main, your alts, your friends, and your frenemies, then log into any TLP, and play away your weekend!”

While you can pick from any of the 10 TLP servers currently available, there are two more on the way for next week: Teek and Tormax, which launch on May 22nd.

Past that, EverQuest and EverQuest II are gearing up for Fippy Fest 2024, which takes place on June 14th and 15th both in-person and virtually. The studio announced that it has just 19 of the $1500 in-person tickets remaining for the event.

Source: EverQuest, 2
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