World of Warcraft starts The War Within beta next week while softening power scaling in Mists Remix


Starting on June 5th, World of Warcraft players who pre-ordered the most expensive version of The War Within and a select number of people who did not will be playing the expansion early. Not the final version of the expansion, of course; next week kicks off the beta for the expansion, and Epic Edition owners get in automatically. But it does mean that you’ll get a chance to test out all of the changes in the expansion ahead of time if you find yourself with nothing to do in the live game.

Of course, there is something to do in the live game, specifically by taking part in the limited-time Mists of Pandaria Remix event for leveling. Some balance changes have already come to the event, including a softening of difficulty scaling between raid tiers and a smoother transition in escalating power while leveling. Bronze acquisition rates, however, will remain pretty much unchanged from what they’re currently at.

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