Elder Scrolls Online stocks up for a crafting revival, plans next anniversary event in Italy


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you get to loaf off and do nothing. Here comes Elder Scrolls Online to tell you to get up from the couch… and then sit right back down in your chair to do some hardcore, relentless, edgelord crafting for the rest of the month!

The fantasy MMO announced that it’s bringing back its Zeal of Zenithar crafting event from June 20th through July 2nd. By fulfilling crafting writs and daily quests, players will earn reward boxes with a variety of goodies including the new Gold Road Dragoon outfit style. Also happening during the event is a reduction in wayshrine costs, repair costs, and an increase of crafting inspiration by 100%.

In other Elder Scrolls Online news, Bethesda is holding another 10th anniversary party, this time in Visconti, Italy on September 14th. Anyone want to go in on a party bus to get there? There’s also a lore piece that covers scribing, including some hints as to what the studio is going to do next with this new system.

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