New World video talks test server phases and why buggy patches still sometimes happen

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It’s not exactly a secret or even controversial to state that New World has had some glitchy releases over its lifespan. Heck, it’s not even all that controversial to state that some of those have come around this year. So where was the test server? Why does the test server involve testing some things and not others? For the answers to those questions, you should watch the latest video from the development team, as Derek Hernandez from Live Operations and Michael Corpora from Quality Assurance answer questions from Live Lead Katy Kaszynski about what gets tested and how.

Hernandez and Corpora explain that part of the issue is just the nature of being game developers; they want to surprise players just as always, which is at odds with having things tested. They also confirm that the test phase involving players is not the start of testing but near the end of testing a given patch, which makes sense. And, you know, there are always a variety of pressures for any given patch release, including the simple reality that some things need to be out by a certain date. Check out the full video just below for more insights into the release process.

Source: YouTube
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