New World’s PTR is testing crafting features and the Legacy of Crassus event


Do you miss whaling away on big angry cyclopes in New World? Then you probably will want to be in the game’s PTR, as last week’s “second wave” update turned off testing for the seasonal Winter Convergence and is now testing a return of the Legacy of Crassus event.

In addition to the boss fight feature, the PTR’s latest patch has also added server improvements, made the Season 4 narrative trial available, and introduced chromatic seals and dark matter to playtest characters that will help test crafting, with testers gaining access to a special chest full of needed materials.

Meanwhile, Amazon Games is once again gathering player questions for the MMO’s next Q&A session and is taking a retrospective look at its first year of Forged in Aeternum video digests in both dev blog and video form. The tail end of the blog notes that weekly videos will continue even through the holidays and a new video series focused on breaking down patch notes is also in the works.

sources: official site (1, 2), Discord
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