New World’s new ‘Slayer Script’ should help Amazon better manage combat and animations


Even if you’re not interested in New World’s season content, raid, and main story quest revamp, then… well, then you’re probably not reading this post to begin with because why would you click on this? The point is that there’s more to the game’s Season of the Guardian that will affect every single character – including the major upgrade to its combat and animation handling system.

The so-called “Slayer Script” is “is natively compiled and dynamically loaded by New World in order to provide excellent performance as well as live updates to scripts” and “can cause events (spawn enemies, play sounds, etc), respond to events (if an enemy dies, if a player enters a room, etc.), play animations, control movement, and more,” the studio explains.

“Our original character scripting system ran well during development, but eventually began to struggle with performance, memory, and runtime allocation as New World continued to grow. This led to Slayer Script as an alternative side project. Slayer Script reduced this cost to a few allocations, and its natively compiled code is very compact, which significantly reduced the runtime memory.”

According to the game’s devs, over 400 actions have already been converted into the new system, resulting in less memory waste and ideally better development scalability and debugging going forward.

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