Crowfall owner Monumental hit with layoffs while eyeing blockchain


The question of Crowfall’s existence has been an unanswered one for quite some time ever since the game was purchased by Mythgard publisher Monumental in 2021, followed by the game going offline in 2022 for a then-promised yet extremely slim chance of it being retooled; since then, things have been quiet from the RvR MMORPG.

So, while we might have asked the question previously, it’s been more than enough time to wonder once more: Whatever happened to Crowfall? It’s our unsurprising yet still unfortunate duty to report that things look to be pretty much done for the Kickstarted project.

The search for answers began when news crossed our desk of Monumental purchasing mobile developer Kongregate through a transaction with publisher Modern Times Group, which would see MTG gain a 30% stake in Monumental. Incidentally, Kongregate has expressed interest in “expanding into blockchain and NFT games via its Bitverse Universe and Blood Vessels [projects].”

That led us back to an attempt to check out Crowfall’s official site, which still hasn’t seen any updates since the sunset, along with the game’s various social channels and Discord; again, unsurprising but unfortunate.

Further digging found the far more worrisome news that Monumental laid off staff last month, including Ben Pielstick, who was acting as game director for Crowfall in March 2022. Readers might remember Pielstick also formerly worked on Camelot Unchained, while his resume also included work at Jagex and CCP Games.

In the end, it looks to be all but confirmed that Crowfall’s goose is cooked while Monumental looks to have made a move to mobile gaming and crypto.

sources:, Crowfall site, LinkedIn (1, 2) via Reddit, thanks to Lum for the tip!
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