Monumental’s CEO once again says ‘nothing is off the table’ as the devs work on retooling Crowfall

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Crowfall shut down last week, though it did so with a vague promise of some kind of return – a prospect that hasn’t instilled a great deal of confidence in backers and fans. Apparently, the development work for retooling the “throne war MMO” is being done in earnest according to a Eurogamer interview with Monumental CEO Monty Kerr, and it reads like his team will be doing a lot of retooling:

“Based on what we’ve learned this year, Crowfall needs much more than incremental changes to be great. […] We have veteran rockstar leaders, an amazing team, and a game with great bones. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I want the team to rethink every part of the game. Nothing is off the table. I’m pushing for dramatic improvements and I certainly hope the result to be a very different game.”

When asked a follow-up question about just what would be different, Kerr was vague but promised that the team would be adding “everything [the devs have] learned as an industry into the idea of Crowfall and see where it takes [them].” Kerr also stated that he would not rush the team, with an understanding that making MMOs is hard and time-consuming. “We may emerge with a very different game. I don’t know what that is going to be, but I’m excited to find out,” he concludes.

If this all reads familiar, it should: These are many of the same talking points that were brought up when the shutdown was first announced, with many of the same claims made practically verbatim, which actually ended up making player worries worse.

source: Eurogamer via Reddit
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