Elite Dangerous readies Update 14 for release on November 29


Tomorrow, November 29th, will introduce another large scale update to Elite: Dangerous as Update 14 is set to arrive to the game at that point, bringing with it several features including more exobiology payouts, new anti-xeno weapons, and a new Thargoid interceptor that promises unique characteristics.

This update will also herald the earlier described “live” and “legacy” versions of the game, as the former will add features and story pieces using the 4.0 codebase while the latter will operate off of the 3.8 codebase. Incidentally, this date also means that the portal to copy console data over to PC will close until sometime in January.

According to the announcement post, maintenance for Update 14 is scheduled for midnight tonight, bringing a file size of over 500MB for Horizons-only players and around 5GB to Odyssey players. Full patch notes for the update are promised for sometime tomorrow, either just ahead of or at the same time as server maintenance.

In the meantime, events in the game’s universe are rapidly nearing a boiling point, as the mysterious signal source named Taranis is also set to arrive to the Hyades sector tomorrow. Last week, supporters of a xeno-peace movement were confirmed killed by the Thargoids when the megaship Kingfisher was destroyed in an attack.

sources: official forums, official site (1, 2)
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