Warhaven puts out a new character, new pre-season, and Valentine’s Day event ahead of April sunset


Warhaven is still a multiplayer title that’s headed for a sunsetting in April, but you probably wouldn’t know that judging by the game’s content output: Nexon put forth its Pre-Season 2 update last week with a new character and a new Valentine’s Day event for players to enjoy, however bittersweet that enjoyment may be.

The party piece of the update is the new character Hatchet, whose whole bag is pretty much printed right on the tin like Claw before him. Which is to say that he’s a big burly bruiser who swings a massive axe around; we know that’s not a hatchet, but this guy doesn’t seem like the sort of person you argue the point with.

In addition to the new character, the update has fixed a few bugs, made a couple of balance adjustments, and brought on the Heartflame Festival, a Valentine’s Day-themed event that features quests to complete for points to spend on profile card items or World Pass XP. On the subject of the shutdown, Nexon is still finalizing its refund processes and will confirm those details as soon as possible.

source: Steam (1, 2, 3)
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