Overwatch 2 previews Season 9 updates to competitive play and characters


Overwatch 2 has already painted a broad picture of the changes to competitive play due for the shooter’s Season 9, but now director Aaron Keller is following up that overview with a more focused dev blog that discusses some specific competitive updates and some general tweaks to heroes.

After paying lip service to last month’s wave of firings at Blizzard, Keller touches on the attempt to make competitive ranking information more transparent and player feedback that asked for even more detail. That feedback will be acted on starting with a mid-season update, promising more information about player skill in a match, easier ways for players from different divisions to play with one another, and improvements to the Top 500 experience.

The next major point of the blog is about several overall hero updates that are meant to shake up the shooter’s meta: All heroes are getting more health to reduce the impact of burst damage, most hero projectiles are being made larger in order for shots to land more easily, and damage characters will now have a passive ability that reduces the healing done to targets they hit in order to mitigate support characters keeping targets alive.

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