Final Fantasy XI’s Valentione’s Day arrives once more with bird mating

This is the face of giving a damn.

Once again, Final Fantasy XI will spend its Valentione’s Day celebrating that which matters most: bird mating. Yes, as always, the annual Valentine’s Day event within the game features a quest to find mates for chocobos, and isn’t that the real meaning of the holiday? Getting birds to make lots more baby birds that you can eventually ride around on or potentially abandon because your chocobo breeding didn’t result in the kind of result you wanted?

We’re not making it weird! It was already weird; we’re just calling attention to its being weird.

Of course there are other portions of the event you can take part in to earn cosmetic awards like a heart apron, showing your dedication to love. But is any of that as satisfying as causing birds to get bird-married? Presumably bird-married, anyway. We don’t want our tiny future mounts living in sin, after all. Chocobo mating.

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